Celeb Poker Free – Review

There are a lot of play-money poker apps on the market, and most people choose their preferred poker client either completely arbitrarily (usually just the first one they happen to download), or based on a number of other factors.

Viaden has released their new poker client: Celeb Poker Free.

The client is pretty standard in offering Omaha High and Texas Hold’em games, but it demonstrates superiority in a number of areas, so much that it has become this author’s poker client of choice. That’s “Celeb”—like “Celebrity.” They want to make you feel elite, and they do a decent job of it.

Here’s why:

Usability: For a poker app where I can hone my skills and play a few hands with no money at risk, aesthetics are one of the more important factors. Celeb Poker laces a simple (yet pleasing) user interface with quick network response to unleash a beast of superb poker play.

Social:  If Viaden had one goal for this app, they’ve made it more than clear that that goal is sociability. They haven’t just created a poker client—they’ve created an entire poker community. Social network sharing capabilities are all there, and they give bonuses when you bring your friends to the app, but that’s not nearly the end of it.

Celeb Poker avatars and player profiles are customizable, that’s not surprising, but they’ve gone above and beyond in creating a system of likes, friends, and gifts that far exceeds those of competing apps. I mean, I know it’s purely digital, but when someone buys me a “drink” at a Celeb Poker table, it just makes me really want to spread the joy. Next round is on me.

Exclusivity: I play poker for money, and I play poker for fun. When I want money: I play on real-money apps; when I want fun, I play at Celeb Poker, and here’s why: good competition.

At play-money poker tables, many of the players get bored fairly quickly and just begin shoving every hand. It doesn’t have to be said that that is not poker. We want to play a game of skill, not spin a slot reel. I haven’t yet figured out exactly why, but at Celeb Poker people care about their hands. Yeah, you occasionally run into a couple of Muppets who want to throw their chips away, but the vast majority of tables take the game seriously. I mean these players are good, and they offer stiff competition.

I think this stems from the reality of this digital community; but this is a HUGE factor for me, as I don’t want my skills to regress by playing free poker with grade-schoolers, and I don’t always want to play for real money either.

The Downers: The one thing I don’t like about this app is their system of “achievements.” Every time I win the pot with a half decent hand, I get a thousand new titles. It’s a well-intentioned system, designed to keep you playing, but they need to tone it down because it really gets in the way. Get on it, Viaden.

It stands to note that Viaden has also produced a V.I.P. version of the same client; and it’s really good. Celeb Poker’s chip prices are already pretty reasonable, but VIP players get substantial discounts, more bonuses, access to exclusive tourneys and a handful of other VIP-only goodies. It’s worth the buy.

All in all, a solid technical construction with a great interface, crisp response and a tight-knit community of superior poker players earn this app a robust 4.5 out of 5 from this player.

If you like free poker, good bonuses, and want to play with the best of them, check out Celeb Poker Free.