Skylanders Battlegrounds iOS Review

Skylanders Battlegrounds is a content-rich and feature filled game that lets you bring the Skylanders to life and repatriate the war weary battlegrounds. You can choose your own Skylanders and pit your wits against the evil Warlord army.

In your journey and quest to free the war-torn battle grounds you will explore never before seen regions of Sky lands. You will also meet new friends but battle against hardened enemies. You can play with two Skylanders at the same time and enjoy the action packed adventures of Skylanders Battlegrounds. You can help to unlock new powerful weapons to help you do battle with Kaos and his evil Warlords.

There are two different ways where you can bring the Skylanders to life. You can instantly bring your collection to life by connecting an optional accessory known as the Bluetooth Portal of Power. You can leverage the unique powers of your Skylanders collection by swapping them out during battle to give yourself that advantage. The other method is to unlock secret codes to free your Skylanders collection.

There are several great features on Skylanders Battlegrounds; the quests you embark on are both full of fun and adventure, you have the ability to unlock each Skylander to give it powerful new weaponry and you can plan your attacks with precision in the Overworld.

Another great feature on the Skylanders Battlegrounds app game is the ability to unleash devastating portal powers that include dynamite, explosions and bolts of lightning. There are over 30 Game Center achievements that you can unlock. You can import your collection using either the Bluetooth Portal of Power or the Secret Codes platform. Skylanders Battlegrounds is an exciting, adventure-packed app which runs on the iPad, the iPhone or the iPod Touch.

A limited time promotion will allow you to celebrate the launch of this adventurous app by paying reduced costs for upgrades for the Skylanders Battlegrounds. But hurry as the offer ends on December 4, 2012.

So enjoy this action-packed wonderful app with so many features. You will do battle with the evil Warlords and see if you can free the battlegrounds that have seen so much war and strife. We tested the Bluetooth Portal and works wonders and will also help you to unlock Skylanders Battlegrounds should you have accidentally mislaid the codes. If you like fun-packed enemy fighting games then Skylanders Battlegrounds is perhaps right up your battleground.

Graphics and sounds are great, the only thing that might put people off is the price tag. At $6.99 it is a heavy price but still an amazing app. Check it out.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Skylanders Battlegrounds [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Skylanders Battlegrounds

Price: $6.99 – £4.99

Category: Games

Developer: Activision Publishing Inc

Skylanders Battlegrounds - Activision Publishing, Inc.