KitCam a Virtual Camera Kit – Review

A revolutionary new camera app is upon us in the shape of KitCam, the guys that brought you the Photo Forge series. It’s a great design and KitCam brings you several new features, making this app ideal for anyone who is a keen video shooter or picture taker.

KitCam has a huge assortment of lenses, frames and films, all of which can be used to create incredible effects. KitCam transforms your videos and photos into works of art. All of your camera attachments can be previewed live and are always reflected in full resolution outputs.

KitCam really is a dream app for all you budding photographers out there; it allows you to see live exposure and white balance compensation allowing your camera to work in manual control mode to radically alter the exposure and temperature of your photo image or video film stream in real time, right before your very eyes.

You can effortlessly take great photos under any condition in auto mode or, if you choose, use manual controls to adjust exposure and separate focus points. You can implement continuous shooting even with live effects, which means you never have to wait for a full resolution image to develop before firing off another image again and again. When you combine this with high speed shutter mode it will make sure you never miss that perfect capture.

KitCam comes with a powerful shot editor so you will never have to worry about experimentation. This means the original photo (without any of the KitCam modifications) is perfectly safe. Any filters, edits or changes that have been made can easily be undone or amended at any time.

KitCam has an auto archiving feature which allows you to automatically back every photo you take to website hosts like Flickr and Drop Box. You can also easily share your photos to your Facebook or Twitter feeds too.

All camera attachments such as the lens, films and frames can be looked at in real time before you take an image and can be changed or removed even after its been taken using the KitCam photo shot editor. Kit Cam’s 13 different lenses are great features and allow you to play with tricks like pinhole, fish eye lens, kaleidoscope and tilt shift. The app’s 30 different films can feature the look of vintage or retro looking photographs or even in plain old black and white.

iPhoneGlance Rating of KitCam [rating=4]

App Details

Title: KitCam

Price: $1.99 – $1.49

Category: Photo & Video

Developer: GhostBird Software

KitCam - GhostBird Software