Kpop Lyrics Plus for iPhone – Review

KPop Lyrics Plus is available for free for a limited period only, so check out all the music you can download and sing along with your favourite KPop songs. Firstly, you’ll need to upload your lyrics screen shot or lyrics image. Take a photograph of your favourite lyrics and then upload it onto the Facebook fan page for KPop Lyrics Plus. If you are one of the five people on Facebook who have the most likes, you will receive an iTunes gift card worth $10. If you really want to win this prize then use KPop Lyrics Plus for a complete image and give yourself more of a chance to win the prize.

KPop Lyrics Plus has just received a great update and you can actually sing along karaoke style to all the songs on this brilliant little app, which I believe you will not be able to resist. You will love KPop Lyrics Plus as the words have been translated from Korean to English all for free. The songs are displayed in Korean with the English translation next to them. It is an ideal language learning tool for English speaking people to learn Korean and vice versa as the lyric is displayed side by side in both languages.

It is easy to customise the display on the app so that it fits your profile and you can save or share your favourite lyrics to Facebook with the option of searching for translations. You do not have know how to speak (or sing) the Korean language to enjoy KPop. That is because your very own lyrics are used from your music library. It is basically just a way of getting you to enjoy the music you already have so you are not forced to go out and buy more tracks.

When you are logged in to the internet KPop Lyrics Plus finds the title and then searches its database for the lyrics; once found it will display the lyrics in Korean with the English translation along side. You will have great fun singing along in Korean and know the words you are singing as the English translation sits alongside the Korean words.

KPop Lyrics Plus also includes a lyrics search engine to help you find the meaning of the lyrics that you may be wondering about. Overall it’s ideal for Korean speakers who struggle to read the language. Kpop Lyrics Plus is free only for the next 2 days so grab it quickly.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Kpop Lyrics Plus [rating=3]

App Details

Title: Kpop Lyrics Plus

Price: Free (for a limited time)

Category: Entertainment

Developer: yn’story

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