Smart Alarm Christmas Songs

Winter is easily the most difficult time of year to get up in the morning. It’s dark, cold, often grey, and just not very encouraging. Which is why, when I stumbled across it, I decided to give Smart Alarm Christmas Songs a shot.

Smart Alarm works thusly: You set the time at which you wish to wake up, and apparently this little doodad monitors your breathing pattern while you sleep in order to analyze your sleep cycles. When you are in the sleep cycle closest to being awake and within a few minutes of the set time, the alarm sounds, gently waking you up.

“Clever,” I says to myself when I read the description. So I gave it a go and I do not regret it. Christmas Time is here, and for the price of a few songs on iTunes I bought a complete Christmas album and a remarkable alarm clock. I have been having great rests ever since.
Not only does the primary smart-alarm-clock function work splendidly, but it’s got some other nice features: a music player and pre-recorded nature sounds to name a few.

I’m usually a Grinch on winter mornings, but now (much like Scrooge) I wake up feeling as “happy as a school boy” and as “giddy as a drunken man” when the jolly sounds of Christmas are playing.
Ok, so it doesn’t work perfectly. There are occasionally still days where I wake up and want a few more minutes—but fortunately it does have a snooze button.

The point is, if you already have Smart Alarm: get the Christmas update. If you don’t already own it, then “’tis the Season” to snag some extra songs for your wake-up repertoire and really change your mornings for the better. DO IT!