Face Warp Camera – Review

One of the funniest, fun-filled apps you can possibly get is now on the market and available for you to use on your iOS device; it’s called Face Warp Camera and what it does will amuse you and your friends at a whole new level.

Face Warp Camera is not all about placing your finger on the screen and sliding, you can enjoy funny face photos which will send you, your family and your pals into a frenzy of hilarious laughter. Face Warp Camera allows the user to warp an image of a face and pull it off in any direction or size you so wish.


It basically puts a whole new spin on the photo effects and sends face warping to a whole new level. Face Warp Camera will detect faces with its technology that automatically detects the shape of a human face. The face recognition software means you can warp a face in real time. That is you can tell your friend to pose for a photo, that you will take, he or she would then smile for the camera, while you put Face Warp Camera into action.

You can surprise all your friends by taking their picture and warping it in real time, all this can be done without your friend even suspecting something is being done to manipulate their image with Face Warp Camera. When they eagerly ask to see what their image looks like you can tell them jokingly that their nose looks rather big, or their eyes seem awfully huge in this photo. The reaction you get will be one of shock and surprise that won’t pass until you reveal to them that they have become a victim of Face Warp Camera.

You can transform someone’s eyes into hilariously large cartoon style features or increase the nose size as much as three times larger and all of this can be done without having to click. Face Warp Camera has a quick face recognition system and allows you, the user, to warp effects in real time.

Face Warp Camera will also allow you to use the front or back of the camera, which is ideal if you want to take a picture of yourself. You can then save you pictures and even send them on to share with friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Face Warp Camera is a barrel of laughs and is absolutely free to download.

App Details

Title: Face Warp Camera

Price: Free

Category: Entertainment

Developer: STOIK

Face Warp Camera - STOIK