Beesy – Take Meeting Notes With Automated To-Do list and Task / Project Management

Beesy is an ideal app for those business professionals on the go and always attending meetings. The app allows business personnel to easily take notes raised during meetings and create bullet pointed lists to action at a later date.

It is the ideal app for business and those who don’t like scribbling down notes on a sheet of paper. Beesy is the ultimate tool for project management and will save you time as you enter those minutes onto your iPad. Beesy has a handy “to do list” which helps you to follow up on those tasks set out in that all-important meeting.

If you are a professional whose job is to handle tasks, then Beesy is for you. You may not like to sit around and type out tedious to-do lists, but you will probably be in a position to follow up and achieve those targets set out, in order to satisfy your own goals and those of the customer.


Beesy is ideal for project managers, executive managers, sales personnel and account managers. Beesy is geared towards the business savvy set who like to find time by economising on those small and irritating jobs that are nonetheless essential.

Beesy really is an essential tool in today’s modern business environment. It works by taking notes for you while you are in the meeting room and then automatically attaching those tasks to your calendar and address book, in the form of synchronization. Beesy is an app which understands your notes and will automatically create the to-do list in its built-in organizer regardless of how many meetings you attend.

Use Beesy for personnel reviews, appraisals, recording of meeting minutes and project reviews. Beesy will automatically complete your iPad note feature that learns as it goes along remembering your usual contacts, lexical text and regular projects.

You can use a two-fingered drag and drop procedure to shift tasks on your iPad to another context or drag a task on one project so it will be reassigned to another project and export all your tasks or to-do lists to a spreadsheet for later analysis.

Beesy is quite clever when you access your iPad calendar in the app and build a note from calendar or your iCal, you can synch all with any mail items that run on other platforms like Outlook Express or Microsoft Exchange. Beesy is an app that will run only on your iPad and you will need to be running iOS 4.3 or later.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Beesy is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Beesy – Take meeting notes with automated To-Do list and Task / Project management – BeesApps

Price: $5.99 – £3.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: BeesApps

Beesy - Take meeting notes with automated To-Do list and Task / Project management - BeesApps