The Cranks: epic pranks – Review

Are you crazy, miffed and angry at your neighbours? Or perhaps you just want to get even with your irritating fellow workers and management at the office. The Cranks: Epic Pranks is an app that lets you unleash all your anger, and still get away with it. You can have fun playing practical jokes without causing any real harm.

Here’s how the story goes: A young, brave family move into a small town called Crankyville. The family throw a wild moving-in party and make plenty of noise, upsetting the residents in the process. The locals are none too chuffed with the housewarming party and the wild antics of the new incumbent town folk.


How will the family survive in the hostile environment of Crankyville? You are tasked with creating high jinx pranks in order to get your revenge. It may be clogging up the sink or tripping the switch on the lights or just swapping over someone’s protein pills for high-speed diet ones. These little pranks are just the beginning and there will be a great deal of opportunity to figure out new pranks and get more revenge ideas.

There are epic jokes and tons of fun in The Cranks: Epic Pranks and it’s up to you to create and implement your ideas to get that revenge. The Cranks: Epic Pranks has great three dimensional graphics and you can replay all of your pranks over and over again.

It could be that your pranks may be pushing the neighbours too far as The Cranks: Epic Pranks may find their ideas for revenge getting bigger, better and more cynical. But all along the pranks still get funnier and you will see if your pranks get out of line somehow.

The Cranks: Epic Pranks is a free app with some outstanding graphics and a place to really unleash all that pent up emotion and anger, and what’s more you should be able to get away with it! Try leaving the bucket of water on top of the door that is ajar, swap the milk over for white water and replace the butter with lard. Whatever your prank, you can replay it over and over again to all your friends.

There are a number of in-app purchases if you want them and The Cranks: Epic Pranks can be played either on your iPhone, the iPod Touch or the iPad.

iPhoneGlance Rating of The Cranks is [rating=4]

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Title: The Cranks: epic pranks

Price: Free

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Developer: Nevosoft

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