ClipClock Your Social Hub For Great Video Moments – Review

ClipClock is a great social networking app to share those great video moments. What this app now allows you to do is swipe for the best moments in the video highlighted by others. So if a video is say six minutes long and there is a great piece happening at 03:42 into the video, someone will have highlighted that moment and you can access directly to that point in the video without having to watch it all from the beginning.

ClipClock is a brilliant social hub for great video moments, and what’s more it’s absolutely free! ClipClock works in three simple steps. Firstly, you need to download the app Clip Clock and then connect into the Clip Clock Hub. Once you are in to the hub you can browse or search for videos that you might like or have been recommended for you.


Then when you watch a video and discover a moment or section in the video you really love – highlight it and share the moment with your friends and followers. ClipClock now allows you to use a screen called Discovery, this let’s the user look at the top videos for that have been shared on Facebook and Twitter. You can even log in to your ClipClock account via Facebook too. This way you can search for videos that are of more interest to you.

The ClipClock hub lets you connect up to the service and watch friends, family and interesting people’s videos that have been shared on any of the other major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Photo Bucket and Vimeo. Your niche may be watching the best music videos or viewing clips from your favourite television series, whatever your pleasure, you can share the best moments in the video with all your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

ClipClock now has enhanced camera functionality; a feature that allows you to capture, clip and share all in one easy procedure. ClipClock is free to download and has been fully optimized to support the new iPhone 5. It will also work on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and you can be sure of having hours of fun time watching your favourite videos and marking those special moments in the video when something great happens. Then when you are all done, clip it and clock it.

App Details

Title: ClipClock

Price: Free

Category: Photo & Video

Developer: Future Services

ClipClock - Future Services LLC