Note Anytime – a full featured easy to use note taking app for iPad / iPhone

It’s always tough when you find an app you love on the iPad but instead of loving it on the iPhone its more a case of like. Note Anytime, from MetaMoJi Corporation, is a cool sketching and note taking app. It has a ton of features letting the user express themselves in a multitude of ways. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great app for the iPhone, it’s just so much more fun when playing with the app on a bigger device. On the iPhone if you are in a rush its a little tricky to work some of the features.


Note Anything has a ton of choice for the making and editing notes, but I would rather see a few less features and a more intuitive interface. Another thing the developer needs to work on is the instructional video section of the app. The videos are in Adobe, so you will have to find the videos on the web. The trickiest thing in the app is editing and deleting a note. If you are in a rush to put a note together it can be somewhat frustrating. Note Anything has a great ability to sort and organize your notes. You have many options for sharing, printing, and importing. When I use my iPhone for a note, chances are I’m on the fly and just hurried to jot something down, so for that reason I like the scribble ability to write a phone number down or a name. The sketching features, and mini scrap board ability will be handy when I have time to kill while waiting for my car to be ready or waiting for a flight. During the wait time, then all the features can be used and enjoyed.

Note Anytime is available for free, with the ability to download even more features. It’s a fun, quirky app trying to differentiate itself from a plethora of other note taking apps available on the AppStore. I will look forward to updates. As a universal app, it is more successful on the iPad than on the iPhone. All in all a great note taking app.

iPhoneglance Rating of Note Anytime is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Note Anytime – a full featured easy to use note taking app for iPad / iPhone

Price: Free

Category: Productivity

Developer: MetaMoji Corporation

Note Anytime - a full featured easy to use note taking app for iPad / iPhone - MetaMoJi Corporation