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After a few years of development and research in the ways humans move and sleep optimization, an app has surfaced to bring you the best professional medical standard tool to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Although this does run on the iPad, it is recommended to download to your smaller iPhone or iPod Touch as you will be taking the app to bed with you.

Sleep by MotionX measures and correlates your resting heart rate, and includes a sleep cycle monitor with smart alarms and power sleep control. There are special alerts to tell you to “get active!” All of which are designed to get you to sleep in a natural, non-evasive fashion.

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Sleep by MotionX will measure your heart beat and match it to sleep quality. It is probably one of the most advanced apps for monitoring sleep cycles out there on the iPhone and iPod Touch market. If you want a power nap (very handy for just after lunch) then you can set Sleep by MotionX for the optimum length forty winks.

If you want to sleep better it is worth trying out the app and seeing if it can work for you. It is an app that can monitor and analyze your sleep cycles and I have always found most apps for troubled sleepers just detect movement and think, “oh, you are asleep.” This is not always the case when you are lying down motionless and staring at the ceiling!

Sleep by MotionX can monitor when you are in a period of light sleep, deep sleep and calculate your total sleep time over the night. There are some features on here that might help insomniacs to sleep like the white noise function, although I found this annoying rather than relaxing. There is an option for some soft, soothing music to fall asleep to, which thankfully auto-fades after a while as you start to drift off.

Sleep by MotionX has an intelligent alarm that learns when you should be woken up, so you’ll find the alarm going off softly throughout the night. Strangely enough this procedure does actually improve the quality of your sleep. The alarm features on this app allow you to wake up to your favourite song in your iTunes library, or if you prefer some sounds of nature, like bird singing or a forest meadow. This app literally needs to go to bed with you, by the way. You cannot place it on a side table or on the floor, as it will not detect the sensory movements it needs to.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Sleep by MotionX is [rating=5]

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Title: Sleep by MotionX

Price: $2.99 – £1.99

Category: Medical

Developer: MotionX

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