Top 3 Apps To Help You Celebrate New Years Eve

With Christmas soon to be over for another year, our thoughts will gradually turn to another day of big celebrations; New Years Eve – a night where we wave goodbye to 2013 and welcome in the shiny new year of 2013. 

Whether it’s spent with a night out on the tiles, or in the comfort of our own homes, it’s guaranteed that all of us will try and spend the night with as many of our nearest and dearest as possible. New Years Eve just isn’t the same without doing so. 

So, in order to make the start of your 2013 as amazing as possible, here are a few apps that’ll help you to have a good time no matter where you decide to see in the New Year:

iBartender ($0.99)

If you’ve opted to a host a gathering for your family and friends in your home, then this app will be the perfect entertaining tool for the night. 

iBartender is a handy app that allows you to make fantastic cocktails for all of your guests – either scroll through the huge range of drink recipes available, search drinks by name or ingredients, or even let iBartender choose a great drink for you – simply shake your iPhone and the app will select a drink at random for you to make!

Social Interlock ($0.99):

So, for New Years Eve you’ve decided to head out with a group of friends, and as the clock chimes 12 o’clock, you decide that maybe it’s time to head home. But, rather than just getting home and heading straight to bed, you decide that it’s the perfect time to upload all of those amazing photos that you’ve taken throughout the night. Uh-oh – because, as much as you think it’s a good idea now, something tells me that you’ll be seriously regretting it in the morning. 

So, in order to help make sure you’re not full of regret as you awake, Social Interlock requires you to pass simple skill tests before you can access any of your social media accounts. So, you can be rest assured that you won’t be posting any compromising pictures onto your entire friend’s and family’s newsfeeds – after all, you were looking to start 2013 a fresh, right? The last thing you need is everyone talking about that photograph of you…

Taxi Mojo (Free):

We all know how much of a nightmare it can be trying to get home on New Years Eve; all of the local taxis are either fully booked, or are quoting you a fortune for the simple task of dropping you at your chosen venue and picking you up. You could drive, but given that it’s such an important night of the year, you really just don’t want to.
Well, whether you don’t want to drive for the social aspect, or you can’t drive because the cold winter weather has caused your car battery or torque sensor to pack in, then the Taxi Mojo app is here to help you. 

Taxi Mojo allows you to lace an order for a taxi cab pickup whilst your on your night out and it’s live tracking feature lets you see when it’s on your way towards you – so there’s no more waiting around in the cold!

And, in order to make sure you get a taxi before all of the other New Years Eve revelers out where you are, you can even select an option to give the cab driver a cash bonus – which will see you bumped up his list of priorities to ensure your can gets to you within 10 minutes!