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Hey “Listen Up,” and record small snippets of sound bites with all your friends and play the guessing game. Listen Up is the ultimate audio-based social networking app that is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Listen Up features a number of turn-based games that will take you and your friends on a journey to a whole new level. It is not just another guessing game; in fact it’s a whole lot more than that. Using your imagination and creativity, you can make this game as wild, or as fun-like as you possibly can.


Listen Up lets you join in the fun with all your Facebook friends; by first searching through all your friends to discover which ones have Listen Up, then challenging them to make the game into a wild, fun and frivolous battle. You can also email your friends and challenge them via that platform or even just make a challenge to a total stranger on Facebook and invite the challenge.

Playing the game is rather simple; simply select a word from any one of three levels of difficulty, easy, medium or difficult. Next you must use your audio clip to try and describe that word in the best way you possibly can. But, be careful not to say the actual word itself, at no point throughout the audio clip, or else you’ll need to begin the clip all over again.

Your opponent will listen to the audio clip and try his or her hardest to figure out exactly what it is you are describing. If the magic word is horse, for example, you might want to describe it as a “four-legged creature that you can ride on, or an animal that races against similar breeds of its kind while mounted by jockeys.”

To gain points, you need to collect “mics”. The harder the word you guess correctly, the more “mics” you will accumulate. The more “mics” you accumulate, the more chance you will have to unlock bonus clues such as an image.

Listen Up lets you find new friends, challenge and connect with complete strangers and get involved with the turn-based audio game that’s a barrel of laughs and a challenge at the same time.

You will have to ability to replay incoming audio clues, so if you did not catch what was said the first time around, then simply listen up again.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Listen Up! Lite is [rating=4]

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