Zong-Ji Top an Entertainment Puzzle Game Based on Maths – Review

Zong-Ji Top is one of the more advanced stages in the Zong Ji family. The app is entertaining and also educational, as it is based on mathematics. Your mental agility and logical thinking will certainly be stretched for the limit here. In all, there are four distinct levels of difficulty;

  • The Guardian level is formed by four 2 x 2 matrixes and this will be your first challenge on Zong Ji Top.
  • The Priest, or the second level consists of four 3 x 3 matrixes and this begins to test your logical thinking that little bit more.
  • The Prince is the third level in Zong Ji Top and with nine 2 x 2 matrixes your mental agility is really stretched.
  • The Emperor Level, or the fourth level, is a challenging nine matrixes, each one being a 3 x 3 dimension and if you have mastered this stage on the app, then all should bow to you for completing such an achievement.

The latest update on Zong Ji Top features a help section, so if you get stuck and cannot go back, forward or simply find yourself spinning around in a daze of puzzles, then the help section is now here to guide you through. It is possible to run out of opportunities to ask for help, if you find this being the case, then you can always buy some more “helping hands” in the in-app store.

The task is to reach the highest score possible and try not to get too addicted to the app. I found the challenge of playing Zong Ji Top unrelenting until I had at least made it onto level three.

Zong Ji Top does have interactive qualities and you can play against the rest of the world that also have Zong Ji Top on their iOS. There is a Game Center scoreboard which features the most prolific and successful participants and all results can be shared onto your Twitter feed or your Facebook wall.

I must point out that the app is not free if you want to play beyond the first level, which is the Guardian level. All in all, Zong Ji Top is a great app with stunning graphics and a number of outstanding pieces of artwork and groovy musical effects.

Zong Ji Top is great entertainment for all ages but can only run on the iPad. With soothing sounds and beautiful graphics, Zong-Ji Top is a great game to play.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Zong-Ji Top is [rating=4]

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Title: Zon-Ji Top

Price: Free

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Developer: AppStar sl

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