NARR8 for iPad – Video Review

If you are looking for a complete new channel app for your entertainment in graphic novels, adventure comics with pictures and even non-fiction text books with illustrations then NARR8 has got it all for you. There are many series in NARR8 that will give you endless reading and pictures to accompany the storylines. The series containing dynamic motion comics are particularly engrossing.

NAAR8 is not just an eBook platform; it’s much more than that. Each series offers episode upon episode of content. It shouldn’t be looked at as a simple educational and entertainment tool, it goes beyond that; NAAR8 offers interactive content, animations and high definition audio with special effects that will make your tales come to life with the touch of your finger.


There are simply endless amounts of content on NAAR8, including in-depth information on world history, pop and art culture, comic book super heroes, action tales and fantasy fiction. There is also content for lovers of science fiction, Gothic horror, romance, and action adventure. Whatever you genre, NAAR8 will offer you something to get your teeth into.

There is a free interactive series that lets you get involved without having to fork out for extra in-app style purchasing and new content and fresh episodes are added regularly throughout the weekly updates. The themes and genres are very much spread across a wide choice and there is certain to be something here for everyone. Other genres include mythology, world history, geography, animal kingdoms, anime cartoon work and science fiction fantasy.

NAAR8 has unique visuals with text and interactive content allowing you to get directly involved. There are a number of great series available in NAAR8 right now: SPIN is a dramatic motion-type comic that centres on political instability and intrigue and what those politicians do best when they spin doctor everything; Subject number 9 is a motion anime comic about a bunch of mutant zombies who escape from the lab and discover they have super incredible powers.

Another great series we found was an interactive novel call Fear Hunters, about a team of psychiatrists that go head to head with monsters that exist only in the minds of their patients. Prodigal Angel is a series about a character with the ability to “ensnare” other people, and the problems this kind of power can cause; it’s all in motion comic anime style and can be quite engaging.

iPhoneGlance Rating of NARR8 IS [rating=5]

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Title: NARR8

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