Free Music Download Pro Plus – Free Music Downloader and Player – Review

Free Music Download Pro Plus – Free Music Downloader and Player is an app that will give you free and legal sounds as well as video and live concert footage direct to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The selection of music available is truly vast even though not the best but there is something for everyone. There is a browser and a download manager and both have several features that make this Free Music Download Pro Plus one of the smartest music apps you can buy.

In the browser you can activate music downloads with a single tap of your screen and you can listen to a sample of the songs before you decide to download them. There is even a feature that allows you to download every music file or song from one page all at once therefore giving you the freedom to select several files and then sit back and relax while your music is downloaded in front of your eyes automatically.


To download videos in the browser feature of Free Music Download Pro Plus you need only tap and hold the video to download it to your library. There is a book mark manager which enables you to star certain music tracks that you may particularly enjoy. There is a download manager feature where you can download music files at great speed and achieve multiple downloading files all at the same time. You can even pause your downloading and resume at a later point or cancel a download altogether, should you have inadvertently downloaded a song in error. A progress bar will tell you how far your download is progressing so you will know that there is progress being made and the music file has not locked or paused without your knowledge.

Free Music Download Pro Plus also has a download badge which you can earn after downloading a certain amount of tracks. You can easily rename your file to anything you want; this is a feature I particularly liked as I like to keep all the different genres separated. The file manager feature has an ability to sort music by its file size, date downloaded, file type (mp3 or video) and name.

The playlists look very much like they do on an iPod so you get the feeling you are using an iPod style product; it is for music lovers everywhere that Free Music Download Pro Plus is well worth the dollar. There is also a free version of Free Music Download Pro available, grab it here for a try before you buy. Even though it’s a good app, it can take some working on. The songs included are not the best and downloading does take awhile.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Free Music Download Pro Plus [rating=3]

App Details

Title: Free Music Download Pro+ – Downloader and Player

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Music

Developer: ASPS Apps

Free Music Download Pro Plus - Free Music Downloader and Player - ASPS Apps