Monster Mobile Marketing Launches a Mash Up/Collage Board of App Icons & App Related Website Logos

mashupMonster Mobile Marketing Launches a Mash Up/Collage Board of App Icons & App Related Website Logos

Horseheads, N.Y – Monster Mobile Marketing has recently launched an addition to their website on December 15th, 2012 called Monster Mash-Up. Monster Mash Up looks to soon become a novelty collection of app related website logos, app icons, and screenshots of iOS/Android applications from all over the world. Viewed as an exclusive collage made up from developers and app related website owners purchasing real estate on the Monster Mash Up board for a combination of collective marketing and being a small part of app history. Upon completion of the project the guys over at Monster Mobile Marketing are making three donations totaling $15,000 to great organizations such as Toys for Tots and Capabilities Inc. The person or group that owns the largest amount of pixels will get to choose a charity or organization that will receive a $5,000 donation as well. Also upon completion, Monster Mobile Marketing will be selling a limited amount of T-shirts and framed posters made up of the entire Mash Up board on them to celebrate and own a piece of app history.

About Monster Mobile Mash Up

Monster Mash-Up is a project put together to maximize visibility of apps & websites with app related content. Each box on the board consist of a 100 pixels. It’s .05 per pixel making each box only $5 to place an icon/logo/image on. Overall it is a collage of app icons, app websites, or even app screenshots, that when a visitor hovers over a particular space, the title of the app/website would appear and if the visitor clicked on the image then it would take them directly to the app download page or website. This is a cheap and effective way to market your app or website and at the same time be apart of an exclusive project.


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