CogniFit MoodCraft share How you Feel With Friends in a Different Way – Video Review

CogniFit MoodCraft allows you to create, share and design your very own moods, emoticons and smiley buttons and share these with your own friends. Mood Craft allows you to take charge of the emoticons you want to express just how you feel when writing or texting to one of your friends.

It is frustrating when we some a status update of a tweet and we can only utilize a smiling face or a sad face; now with Mood Craft you can create and design an emoticon that really does reflect the way you feel. If you are feeling ill, then why not design that emoticon that will express you as a half-crying face with a thermometer sticking out of your mouth or if you are feeling poor, then design an emoticon of a figure shrugging its shoulders whilst emptying its empty pockets.


CogniFit MoodCraft lets you tag your friends, so you can also express through your emotional feelings what your current mood actually is. At the same time it will allow you to reflect the way you are thinking of them at that precise time. You may well want to show a loved one that you are thinking of them or reveal to a friend who is away on holiday that you are missing them.

Just using Mood Craft allows you to discover just what others are thinking about you. You may even begin to discover and understand your own emotions much better, as well as the emotions of others. There are a number of great features on Mood Craft; we think you’ll be rather positive about, as everybody loves to slip in emoticons into their conversations or texts.

How about designing you very own emoticon or smiley within a matter of a few seconds? Or perhaps creating that powerful emotion sign that reflects exactly how you feel, and not just close or similar to how you feel? Mood Craft allows you to build your moods with your fingers and it takes just seconds to do so.

You can check what your friends are thinking and feeling and share with your own chums exactly what you are thinking and feeling. Mood Craft can be use on the iPod Touch, the iPhone and the iPad and will allow you to discover just what mood your friends are in and which mood you are in. Everything you design can suddenly be shared with all your friends too.

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Title: CogniFit MoodCraft

Price: Free

Category: Social Networking

Developer: CogniFit

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