CSR Racing iPhone Review

CSR Racing is a cool app that lets you drive your dream car in the ultimate of tests. It’s like a bit of a drag race where you roar through deserted city streets. The graphics are quite simply awesome and you can play against others and go head to head in a racing experience that’s sure to get you hooked.

If you have ever fancied tearing around the streets in an Audi R8, a Chevy Corvette or a BMW M3, now you can with CSR Racing, and furthermore you can soup these auto beasts up. There are fine auto tuning features where you can add turbo boosting exhausts, increase nitrous injection and tweak the aerodynamic boosters, so that you can get ready to challenge against opponents who will become increasingly more difficult to beat.

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CSR Racing gives you an opportunity to race the world once you reach tier number five. You’ll have an opportunity to win decals and super cars and get your peers to offer you Respect Points, giving you an opportunity to take on the best in the world. You may well have taken on the city streets and dominated there, but can you master the world?

One of the stand-out features on CSR Racing is its outstanding graphics. There is full on retina resolution, next generation lighting and hands down, this beats any 1080p console racing game out there on the market. If you are a fan of the Audi, BMW, Chevy, Nissan and General Motors then your dream car will certainly be in here somewhere. The cars used are officially licensed by the makers in CSR Racing and you will have more than just a small chance to choose your favourite car to race in.

CSR Racing not only allows you to tweak your vehicle so that it can challenge the best out there but you can also pimp your car too. There are a number of custom paint jobs to choose from and you can add license plates and original custom decals too.

CSR Racing is all about the power; speed and beating your opponent by driving with a car that you have tweaked to win has to be your ultimate challenge. Have you got the correct tires fitted? Is there enough turbo available? Only you can customize your hot rod vehicle to win in this fast-paced, graphic-rich game of speed and endeavour.

App Details

Title: CSR Racing

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: NaturalMotion

CSR Racing - NaturalMotion