Zombie Master iPad App Review

Zombie Master is like a fusion between the two hit games Star Craft and Gears of War; now isn’t that just a dream come true? Alpha Cloud, makers of Castle Master 3D, has developed another scintillating game that mixes strategy and shoot ’em up tactics. The storyline is pretty dark and bleak and somewhat apocalyptic in that it takes place in the not too distant future, when an unknown virus has descended on the human race and turned them all into Zombies. Most of the cities seem to be overrun by the walking dead zombies.

However, with the human race suddenly on the brink of extinction, the last remaining few have managed to set up a special force with a female warrior leading them into battle. It is this war against the zombies that hold the key to the future of mankind. There are some great features in Zombie Master and the strategies are inanely similar to those of Star Craft; where you gather your minerals, food and gas and get to work on building outhouses and command centers, along with upgrades to weaponry and the work you’ll need to do to train your troops.


Zombie Master may well hold the key features on strategy that are synonymous with Star Craft but the actions are akin to those in Gears of War; here you need to customize your weaponry by improving your machine guns, grenades, shot guns, snipers and flash bombs. There are a number of missions you need to combat, such as assassinate the head of the zombies, rescue any survivors or soldiers, and diffuse bombs and booby traps. You must also utilize the time attack function.

Zombie Master combines breathtaking action with mind blowing strategy and you should prepare for entertainment at its very best. Whether you are making use of a machine gun, helicopter, pistol, sniper, or grenade, it does not matter. You aim is to destroy the zombies at all costs and be warned the flesh-hanging creatures can and do become stronger.

If you manage to customize all your equipment and upgrade your weaponry, you can counter the rising strength of the zombies. Zombie Master is designed for both the iPad and the iPhone and will keep you on your toes throughout. Remember to gain resources, train your new defence companions and build structures if you want to keep the human race alive.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Zombie Master is [rating=4]

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Title: Zombie Master

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