Toad Slash slice and dice your way through the swamp – Review

Ralph Waldo Emerson has been attributed with the adage “build a better mousetrap and they will beat a path to your door”; this adage is swirling in my head as I played Toad Slash. Toad Slash, created by Showtime Applications, is a new entry in the AppStore  in the genre of finger slashing good fun. The player trys to slice and dice an array of swamp amphibians while the evil pumpkins vie for the same space. The player is allowed to miss slashing three of the amphibians before the game is over, or if in error you slash the dastardly pumpkin you are instantly “dead”.

If you have ever played Fruit Ninja then you get a sense of what Toad Slash is about. The difference is you will be slicing and dicing critters instead of fruits. The creepy halloween theme adds a nice touch and make the app feel different from the rest in this genre.

The graphics are fun, the music is eerie, and the game is a great way to whittle away time. Is this a better mousetrap?  Not really, but it is a fun game and deserving of the look if this is the type of game you like to play. Toad Slash is an addictive game and you will find yourself losing at least an hour out of your day. The game needs a little more development as it lacks giving the player options, but it can rectified quickly.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Toad Slash is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Toad Slash

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Games

Developer: Showtime Applications

Toad Slash - Brendan Prebble