Hopscot a new way to schedule events and link people

Hopscot is a brilliant calendar and organizer where you can schedule events and link up will people. Here you can manage all your events, appointments and scheduled meetings in one compact page. Hopscot pays particular attention to both people and events they participate in – those are what Hopscot focuses its attention on.

When you use Hopscot, you can easily organize those people around your life by binding them to events. You can also rearrange people to shift from event to event with ease. Your iPad will act as a management tool that will always be by your side and help you to adjust any change in the schedule accordingly.

Hopscot integrates wonderfully with the Apple Calendar so you can synch all your appointments and events, while adjusting any schedule instantly. Once you have synched, you can save your appointment information in the iCloud.

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Importing and exporting contact names and addresses have never been easier with Hopscot; you need only tap one radar button to manage a full synchronization process, rather than enter each name and address one by one.

It is also easy to simply add specific contacts to your application. Let’s say you want to include all of your friends from Facebook or your followers on Twitter or you may want to synch all your G-Mail contacts onto your app. Hopscot also lets you assign contact to specific events and move contacts from one event to another. Other features include the ability to assign contacts to events by using direct assignment or simply drag and drop from the list you’ll see on the right hand side of the panel.

There is so much you can do with your contacts on Hopscot; if you want to limit the maximum number of contacts, and then why not, simply work only with free time events if you want. Hopscot is probably the ideal tool for those who run a business. There is a feature on here that lets you track payments – so you can turn on the display so that it shows just the contacts and relevant events of those people that still owe you money or have not processed their payments yet.

It’s easy enough to copy and paste your contacts, events and schedules (this makes it easier for loading into the iCloud storage area) and there are some lovely icons for retina display. The latest update will include a fix on the bug which prevented you from importing contacts using first name only. Hopscot is ideal for business personnel, landlords with several properties and other executives on the go with a large amount of contacts and clients to deal with.

Hopscot is a neat application for your iPad, it’s intuitive design and easy to use features make this app the one to have. There is a lite version if you want to try before you buy, get it here.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Hopscot is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Hopscot

Price: £2.49 – $3.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: Dennis Zakharov

Hopscot - Denis Zakharov