Spread a cool way to share what you love through pictures

Spread is an app where you can share the things you love and want through pictures with your friends and family. In fact you can share the love with anyone in the world. Spread is responsible for starting up contact with complete strangers or sparking a conversation with someone. It can actually offer you several ways to interact with the other members of Spread and become friendly with your fellow Spread members.

Spread works on the principle that the more you share, the more you discover about your friends, family and local community. There are a number of great features including the ability to capture images, naturally and save them into a folder. Then you can place the images into a category and share with all your friends, family or community members. You can even store your photos just for yourself to look at time and time again. It works wonders as a simple photo album, if that’s what you want.


You can see what you and your friends have been up to with their cameras simply by logging in each morning and checking through your friends and family members you have decided to follow. It is possible to create wish lists of photos you want to take and take note of trends and even create new viral trends of your own.

You can watch your images grow and go viral with a new visualize tool, making it simple to keep tabs on its popularity. Why not take full advantage of Spread and customize the photos you share, what you spot or simply come across to get that magic photo.

You can spread what you have, what you want and what you discover, and open up your social networking world with this great little image taking app. I noticed that the app has some very tidy graphic and design styles, and the information on how many spreads you have spread, how many followers you have, and how many people you are following are all clearly displayed on the front page menu.

You will see a list of all notifications on your front page, so if one of your friends decides to spread the image with you, then you will soon learn all about it. The “visualizer” works by showing you where in the world people are viewing your spreads. Every photo you view on Spread has the option to love it, want it or have it.

iPhoneGlance Rating of spread is  [rating=4]

App Details

Title: spread

Price: Free

Category: Social Networking

Developer: Spread Media

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