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Vogel Soccer Mastery is the most complete soccer training app you’ll find anywhere in the iTunes library. Just purchase once and you can load this onto either your iPhone or your iPad without having to pay more than once. However, make sure you use the same iTunes account.

Vogel Soccer Mastery has been featured in the “What’s Hot” section of the Top iTunes App review and has won several high ranking reviews on a number of app magazines online, including 148 apps, cnet.com, buttercapp.com and Bavoo.com. If you are quick you can download this app for free.


Vogel Soccer Mastery delivers three levels of soccer instruction by video. There are beginner’s courses, intermediate and advanced soccer skills tuitions. The videos demonstrate and explain in great detail the moves required during juggling, shooting, set piece moves, conditioning training, stretching for warm up routines and freestyle moves.

In fact there are more than 65 different videos talking you through some high quality soccer tutorials. The demonstrations are performed in a step by step basis with voice and text instruction on screen. There is even an extra goodies section after you have checked out the shooting, conditioning and dribbling skills. Vogel Soccer Mastery is constantly updating with new skills all the time by adding fresh video content with every update.

It’s ideal for picking up tips and tricks for any budding soccer player. Learn how to pass and run into space. Found out why football is not just about being able to run fast and kick a ball. Vogel Soccer Mastery shows and explains why knowing how to stay in position when the ball is in play in certain areas is of vital importance.

You can even get tips and tricks on that much loved skill of “Keepy Uppy” where you keep a football off the ground with as many kicks up as you can. It will teach you how to spin the ball off your feet and also why it is important to lean forward when taking a free kick or penalty, and never lean back. It will explain why a good pass can go awry if you the receiver wait for the ball to come to you, rather than go meet the ball.

The skills and tricks in Vogel Soccer Mastery will undoubtedly teach you some of the mental side of the beautiful game, and not just the physical.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Vogel Soccer Mastery is [rating=4]

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