WondaGems An Addictive Puzzle Game

WondaGems is a gaming app that will let you hear beautiful sounds and outstanding graphics. All, the sounds and graphics will inspire you to combine all the gems, or better still hit that special gem. There is a full Game Center support to give you guidance on how to give you extra bragging rights over your friends and family. You’ll enjoy amazing clean and fast-running game play with outstanding artwork that will inspire you to play all the time. WondaGems is truly an addictive little app and at $1.99 you can expect some sublime graphics and spectacular designs, and this does not disappoint there.

WondaGems is basically a puzzle game where you must use just one swipe. Your gems will drop creating an endless challenge for you to try and master. The gems are very colourful with spectacular graphic and cool designs. Your task is to avoid those rocks and combine the gems together. Some of the older ones among you may remember a retro game called Tetris, well, WondaGems has some similarities to that game here, in that as you combine the gems together you aim for a highest score finish.


As we said, the Game Center support will measure your score and you will be displayed on the leader board once you master this gaming app. Imagine how good that will look to all your friends and family. High scores are achieved by quickly swiping three gems together.

You also need to finish quickly and collect bonus points along the way. It will become your very own cave adventure where you will collect gems along the way. A number of different gems will fall down from your screen and your task is to join three such gems in a row together. The gems need to be of the same colour and must fall vertically or diagonally.

You can also create matches to finish the level before the clock ticks and you have run out of time! If you tap on the gems you can unlock special powers. There is a whole selection of different game modes; select easy, intermediate or difficult.

This puzzle game is choc full of vibrant colours and outstanding graphics. You’ll find the app annoyingly addictive but big on fun. You can play WondaGems on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. If you get yourself up on the Game Center leader boards, you’ll notice a league table there; would it not be such a thrill to see your name at the top of that league? Of course it would!

iPhoneGlance Rating of WondaGems is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: WondaGems

Price: $1.99 – £1.49

Category: Games

Developer: Zaharia George-Lucian

WondaGems - Zaharia George-Lucian