Siri Beta Speaks Spanish

One of the good things about having an iOS device such as the latest iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is having Siri. Siri is a voice-assisted intelligent personal assistant. Siri is so intelligent that you can even ask it to launch an application or even open a website. Plus, Siri speaks multiple languages. The good thing about Siri is that it also speaks Spanish.

So if you say “Hola Siri, Buenos Diaz,” Siri will respond “Hola Senior ‘my name as saved in the iPhone’.” This is very funny and interactive as if I am talking to an actual person. You can also ask Siri to open your favorite gaming sites like partypoker for you to be able to play poker using the built-in Safari, although you’ll not be able to ask it to install the application via voice command. Don’t get too excited, though. Explore the site first or go to the PartyPoker Lounge. This is a perfect place for beginners to explore the game while surrounded with players of a similar level. If you are located in Barcelona and you want to go to an actual casino, you can instruct Siri to find one nearby. You shouldn’t worry because ever since the release of iOs 6, Siri had several improvements when it comes to accuracy of location services. This is because of Siri’s integration with the Yelp application. With the turn by turn navigation, you won’t find it difficult to find poker houses. You just have to say “locate the nearest casino,” and Siri will intelligently give you a list of places to explore. The only thing that you should worry about is your battery usage.

When playing poker, fashion is also a must. Siri can help you find the perfect outfit by pressing and holding the home button. You will be redirected to your favorite boutiques in Madrid. Siri, like Google search, also allows you to watch video tutorials of poker online by just saying a voice command. You can even ask Siri about the latest poker tournaments. If Siri couldn’t directly help you, it will just respond “Do you want me to search the web regarding this.” If you said yes, you will be redirected to Google search with links relevant to your query.

You can also ask Siri to reserve a movie ticket, create a reminder, type a text message, search the web, and know the latest weather updates. The only limitation with this is that you can ask to unlock the iOs device for security purposes. You can’t even ask it to retrieve a missing password. Without a decent wireless connection or in the absence of a data carrier, Siri won’t function. It is up to you whether to use Siri frequently or not. It is kind of funny talking to your iPhone in public places.