Doodle Booth allows you to add Doodle stickers to your Photos – Review

Doodle Booth has now reached version 2.1 and this wonderful little app is still as popular as ever. It has been around in its previous version for more than two years and has already had more than a million downloads. Doodle Booth basically allows you to add doodle stickers to your photos which make it look as though you have drawn it with your own pen.

You may want to add captions and the more creative ones among you could even build your very own picture book or comic that will see you and your friends star in an online comic magazine. You just need to add the text and Doodle Booth will add the captions for you. Doodle Booth is compatible with Retina Display  and the interfaces on this app are really quite simple to operate.


You can easily import photos from your Facebook account or straight out of your iPhoto library. Adding previously drawn frames or captions to your photos is easy. Why not add a gold pleated frame to go around your profile picture or a whacky, zany two-tone frame to impress your friends when they see your profile picture?

Doodle Booth allows you to play around with your existing photos by adding cool new features like frames and captions. There are a number of awe inspiring graphics on Doodle Booth as well as a multitude of content available for you to use. The app also provides several different ways by which you can import your photos, so start downloading Doodle Booth for free now and check out the fun you can have with this app.

Doodle Booth has been given a number of good reviews in app sites including one that claims it to be “the best iPad app your camera could own.” The latest in-app upgrade includes far better resolution when you share your photos. There are also a number of extras stickers available and Doodle Booth has finally got rid of those annoying ads it used to display in the app.

Doodle Booth is a free app to download but there is a 99c upgrade charge which will allow you access to four different sites where you can share and save your photos once you have manipulated them with Doodle Booth. The upgrade also helps in removing any ads displayed on the main screen.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Doodle Booth is [rating=4]

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Title: Doodle Booth

Price: Free

Category: Photo & Video

Developer: Underplot Apps

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