1Password the ultimate password manager – Review

How many times have you gone onto a website and found you have forgotten your password once again? Many people have one password to serve all, but you’ll know that if you have registered for several websites as a customer, blogger, member, bank details etc. you’ll be painfully aware that there id always one or sites that insist your password must contain alphas and numbers, in fact some even insist the password must be between six and 10 characters. Others will demand your password contain upper case characters. This of course makes it difficult for you to remember all your passwords, because even those that use the one single password sketch have problems here because of the demands from some web sites that insist on password complexity.

So how does one get around this problem? 1Password can remember all your passwords and keep them securely locked behind one master password. All you have to do is remember your one master password and 1Password will do all the rest.


Every day that you sign in to a web site you will be asked to enter a password; 1Password solves all the problems behind you forgetting your different passwords and also is secure. Those who do tend to use one simple and easy to remember password and risking their accounts from being hacked. Criminals love it when people choose the name of their daughter or son (or dog) as a password. They can find out the information from Facebook and then try a few sites out you may use to attempt to gain access to your password.

1Password allows you to generate strong, unique passwords for every account you hold online. It will protect all your data behind one master password, known only to you. 1 Password uses military grade 256-bit encryption and even if you iPhone if lost or stolen, an auto locking procedure is adapted to keep this information away from the thieves.

But 1Password does not simply protect web site log in and passwords, it will also be a great place to store passport numbers, bank accounts, PIN numbers, secure notes, credit card numbers and any other private and personal text you want to keep hidden.

With 1Password you can organize your data into folders, use an attachment viewer and customize items as you see fit. If you buy 1Password you can use this tool across all of your iOS devices.

iPhoneGlance Rating of 1Password is [rating=5]

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Title: 1Password

Price: $17.99 – £12.99

Category: Productivity

Developer: AgileBits

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