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Kincast Video Sharing for Families is an app that promotes a motto that says sharing is a way of caring. This app is the easiest way to share something privately. Kincast allows you to message and chat privately with loved ones and share video diaries with each other. All without the fear of anyone else getting to see the personal and private messages you may pass back and forth with a loved one.

It matters not what the video size is, Kincast Video can share it, and it will all be shared privately. Kincast is an app that encourages you to take the initiative and be the catalyst to start up a chat with a loved one or family member. Take that video and privately share it with someone close to you.


It could be that you are away from home, perhaps on business and you may well be thinking of a loved one back home or several miles away. Why not take a video diary of you in your hotel room and share with your spouse back home? Christmas time is another time when Kincast Video can become a real challenge to the traditional way of greeting with cards. Technology could mean that Christmas cards may one day become obsolete, particularly when you consider you can send a loved one or family member a short video clip wishing them seasons’ greetings.

There will be no need to go out and buy hundreds of cards and stamps any longer when you just need to shoot and share! Each time you send off that video you begin to build a video library, so you can back track and see the videos you have sent in the past, whenever you want.

Sharing is easy and you will have email links for that private sharing experience so your loved one does not need to register an account. If you want to share your video with more people, like all your friends on Facebook and Twitter followers, then why not? You may want to video that smashing moment when your team held the cup and won. Show all your friends that moment on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed.

You can also pimp your own videos by adding side frames, music and titles. You can become your very own film editor. You don’t need to wait until your video has finished uploading before you begin videoing your next one. This really is a handy app for all the iOS devices including the iPad Wi-Fi cellular phone.

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