TennisSolo Turn your iPhone into a Tennis Racket – Video Review

This wonder app for tennis lovers serves as the sequel to the popular Ping Pong Solo application that proved to be ace for tennis lovers everywhere. Bur here with Tennis Solo we suddenly see our iPhone turn into a tennis racket.

Now it is time to tame your big, orange, fluffy ball. There are three stylish and hip rackets to select from, and all come in superb retina graphics. In Tennis Solo one can fully emulate the racket and the ball alike. Rather than explain it in words, the strategy is only fully realized when you try it for yourself.

TennisSolo is one of those fast paced games you can play anywhere; at home, in the office or sitting on the tube. The best part of TennisSolo is you don’t have go looking for a court, search for a partner or hunt around looking for stray balls, simply pick up TennisSolo at any time and play.


Throughout the game of TennisSolo, your partner will be that strategic and annoying tennis ball. The ball will try its very best to escape off the borders of your iPhone and your task is to keep it in. Handling the ball is no easy task, but if the ball slips off the racket, then you need to scream! Yes, unbelievably a shrill-like bellowing from your voice, known as the “Sharapova effect” will be recognized by the microphone on your iPhone and may even compensate you for the loss of your stroke.

So, whenever you get into a moment of desperation, then simply scream in the heat of that moment to regain your composure in the game. Playing the game demands a very physical aspect to the game play; you will have to lower your iPhone (just as you would a racket) to return the ball. Remember when you return the ball; don’t do so too high, as returning the ball next time will be much tougher, just as in real tennis.

iPhoneGlance Rating of TennisSolo is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: TennisSolo

Price: Free

Category: Games

Developer: Anix LLC