The SurfacePad for iPhone by Twelve South

Don’t call it a case, well that’s what Twelve South is saying. Regardless of what we call it, the SurfacePad for iPhone is a must have. The lastest iPhone accessory to come from the makers of the BookBook case for iOS is cool. With a minimal, modern design SurfacePad is available for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. The SurfacePad comes in 3 colours, Jet Black, Pop Red and Modern White.

Made from luxury Napa leather, SurfacePad dresses up iPhone unlike any other cover. At less than 1/10th an inch thick and weighing less than one ounce, this thin leather jacket does not interfere with the buttons, ports or camera on iPhone. Since the cover wraps around and protects the front and back surfaces, the tell-tale profile of the iPhone remains on display. At a glance there’s never any doubt what phone you’ve chosen to run your world.

Check out the video below:

The SurfacePad retails at $34.99 and you can grab one here.