JunglePhoto – A Fun Photobooth App – Review

JunglePhoto is in the top ten of the most downloaded camera app charts! In this app you can do absolutely loads! It’s primarily good for adding fun items like funky frames, sharks, hats, skulls, masks and drinks and much more. Just take a photo or use a photo from your old library of images and then add graphics from the 50 or more brilliant objects and various effects in Jungle Photo’s huge library.

You can place the graphic on to any section of the image you choose and Jungle Photo allows you to scale, flip or rotate your image. Once you are done you can save it to your library or email the image to a friend or family member. Alternatively, you can share your Jungle Photo with your Facebook friends by placing it on your wall.


Simply take an image of yourself or an image of you and friend and get to work by putting an overlay of a mask and add things like a pair of whacky sunglasses, a Mexican hat, a trilby or an Indian headdress and when you are done simply save your image and send it off on Facebook or inside an email.

JunglePhoto has more than 50 different symbols you can add including several black and white icons of items such as a baseball cap, a hand holding a gun, a skeletal hand, a bottle of whiskey or a skateboard. There are also several coloured icon images you can easily transpose over your image including a cocktail drink, a dolphin, sunglasses, lips with a tongue sticking out, a tropical bird of paradise and a hot air balloon.

JunglePhoto is a unique app and is all about having fun and being creative with your photos. Add masks, symbols and several other fun icons to your photos and share them with your friends. You can also share your fun photos you have tweaked with JunglePhoto by sharing it on Twitter. Simply use the hash tag #JunglePhoto after your shortened URL on your Twitter account and all your followers can then see your new fun image.

JunglePhoto is compatible with your iPhone 5, iPod Touch and the iPad and the latest update gives you even more small icons to add in to your photos. Jungle Photo is a fantastic fun-filled photo booth and costs just 99c to download.

App Details

Title: JunglePhoto – A Fun Photobooth App

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Photo & Video

Developer: Hampus Ericstam