Viatun Secured Mobile Internet Connection on iOS

Here is an app that will help to save you money. In fact, you could find savings on up to 80 percent on your data plan. Viatun is holding the claim as to the fastest VPN on the market. It can be an effective way of getting a high speed secured internet and one where you may never lose or drop out your internet connection.

Viatun also allows you to access blocked or restricted websites and you can use voice over IP (VOIP) tools like Skype, for example. In fact, your web connection is both anonymous and secure and you could be reducing your traffic expenditure by as much as 80 percent.

Viatun also has a built-in anti virus system (always important if you accessing blocked or restricted sites anyway) and this uses optimization and compression software. You can even have your very own profile page which will show you the savings you have made while browsing, and as for the browsing speeds, well they are very fast!


Viatun do stress that if you have any problems in connecting via your mobile service, then you should contact them direct. Installation problems, issues with browsing and data plan savings may be affecting some customers, but the customer support team are at least proving to be working hard at trying to fix some issues that have cropped up with other reviewers.

In fact we noticed many had left negative reviews of Viatun, only to amend those reviews following assistance from Viatun by its HYPERLINK “” email support link. Viatun will only give you a free trial that lasts for 3 days, and not forgetting a limit of the data on 1GB.

It is basically very handy if you want to hide your IP address, avoid all the spam (and spam e-mails) and basically be protected throughout your browsing experience. It is also handy for accessing blocked sites. You can get easily into Skype, or any VOIP software (these sites are banned in some countries) so you’ll be able to talk to friends in another country securely and privately.

Viatun is handy if you are going travelling and once online you can stay online. There is nothing worse than playing games or chatting to friends on social networking sites and finding you keep getting timed out. A month’s worth of Viatun is still good value for money at under a dollar, so you may want to add this one to your favourites.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Viatun is [rating=4]

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Price: Free

Category: Utilities

Developer: Viatun Software