Like Wine? Then you Might want to check out Wineta Wine Tasting on your iPhone

If, like me, you are a wine lover, then we have discovered the perfect app for you. Wineta Wine Tasting is the latest “most talked about” app among wine lovers. It allows you to select the right bottle for the right moment. This is particularly handy if you are out with friends, or that special Valentine loved one, and you don’t know your Pinot Noir from a Cabernet Sauvignon, this app will certainly come to your aid.

Every bottle of wine you taste can be reviewed by you just like a professional would. But if you have your own cellar or wine rack then you can track each bottle using powerful graphs and statistics. It is the first time that wine tasting, and learning about aroma and other fascinating wine facts can be accessed from a mobile phone. Wineta Wine Tasting is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.


The vintage guide is both user-friendly and extremely flexible. This allows you to home in on the best wine available for your table or home prepared meal. It is also an app that stores your reviews on wine so that others may access what you thought of a certain bottle of claret or Beaujolais. You can access the reviews others have left, leaving you to decide if that bottle and that particular vintage are right for your table.

You can compile a wish list of wines that you would like to store in your cellar or open on your table, check out wine ratings and garner tips from other users. You can discover things like which wines go well with cheddar cheese, what red wine is best eaten with a spaghetti bolognese dish or the best fruity white wine to go with Italian pizza.

Wineta Wine Tasting will require an internet hook up to be able to visualize and submit data and the latest update now shows a price range indicator for no fewer than five million vintages.

The app also displays a very neat dashboard, particularly if you own a cellar. There are even pie charts showing how many bottles you have in your cellar and which portion of them is a Californian, a Bordeaux, Rhone or from the South West region of France. It also shows a split of how many red, white or sparkling wines in your cellar and divides them all up into its vintages.

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