Ever Get that feeling you need to whack something, then grab Whack Mania for iPhone

It is time to get whacking! This game has 20 extra levels implemented and you are going to need your wits about you and save your entire harvest from destruction. Our wonderful world with hops, grain and other vegetables growing freely is suddenly in trouble. A large plague of moles has descended on the farmlands and allotments and begun to destroy the crops.

Rabbits have joined forced with the moles and together they are hell bent on destruction. Three guesses who must get their strategy in place and quick hands to work to stop these little critters? You will need to be quick, you’ll need to be sharp and most of all you will need to whack and whack some more.


Whack Mania as a game is a simple and easy to play app, albeit a little frustrating. But once you start whacking and saving the harvest, there will be a sense of satisfaction within. You need to whack the moles on the head as soon as they pop out of the ground. But the ground vermin can be a little smart from time to time. These crafty little creatures are well known to take advantage of hidden corners and other areas that are difficult to see.

Your task is to outsmart the moles and beat them at their own game. It’s not just the moles you need to focus on either; rabbits just adore carrots and they are rapidly destroying your vegetable patch and relieving them of carrots at an insatiable rate. These rabbits have to be mentally insane! Now is the time for you once more to get the whacking stick out and whack those rabbits before they can devour all your carrots.

There is a huge playing field (or growing fields) to play with and protect. In fact there are 14 different planets with 20 extra levels so you will undoubtedly have hours of whacking fun. There are a number of different games to play inside Whack Mania;

Collector: This task involves collecting all strawberries as fast as you can before anything decides to eat them.
Peacemaker: Not all moles are nasty and bad and there is room for negotiation and peace. If you can make the peace you’ll accumulate more points.
Eliminator: No room for peace here; whack as many moles as you can find.

You can even whack to the beat of some great music on Whack Mania. This whacky app is available to play on the iPhone and iPad.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Whack Mania is [rating=4]

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