Crypt My Pic – Review

Crypt My Pic is an app where you can safely store all your images and videos safely without anybody else ever having the ability to get access to them. There are those among us who like to keep some of images, if not all of them, safe and secure and well away from the prying eyes of anyone else. Crypt My Pic can do this for you and any confidential images you take are more than safely locked away here.

What would happen if you lost your phone or worse still, it is stolen. Your pictures and all those images of you and your family can be viewed and laughed at by that low life thief who has taken your phone. Crypt My Pic encrypts your pictures so they are safe within your device and any one without authorization to look at these images will not be able to do so.


So, how does Crypt My Pic work? The encryption on this app is of the highest safety level. Often when we log onto our banking sites or money manager sites, those web pages use 128-bit encryption techniques. This means any hacker trying to unravel a password or hack into your account has a 1 in 128 chance each time of unlocking each character. Crypt My Pic uses twice as much encryption as this by having an ultra high and secure 256 bit encryption. This means the data and images in your device are going to be for your eyes only.

You can share your images with friends and family if you wish and still encrypt them so that no one else save you and the chosen recipient will see the images. You can email, send via your iPhone to their device and guarantee that nobody else except you and the person you are sharing with sees these private images. That is because a 256-bit encryption is in place that will lock your images in the highest security imaginable.

You need to create a password that is unique only to you before you can unlock your images to be viewed by you or your chosen friends. Crypt My Pic is available for use on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You will never need worry again about losing your phone or device and someone else getting their eyes on your private photos with Crypt My Pic.

App Details

Title: Crypt My Pic

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Utilities

Developer: Jade

Crypt My Pic - Jade