Guinness Typing for iPhone – Review

Guinness Typing is an app that helps us to type fast and to do so properly. It will train you to type on your keyboard much faster, and easier and use all your fingers instead of using just the two, or even one.

It’s not just about the practice but you can also join in some fun games along the way such as texting as fast as you can to see if you can bust the world record for text typing. Now is your chance to become the world champion at it.


Using the well known SWYPE keyboard structure template on most smartphones and the iPad, there is a Guinness World Record for the fastest text typist on the planet. Why not have a go and challenge the world record and see how well you match up? You will need to type a specific pre-logged phrase for this challenge, and anyone trying to break the world record probably won’t, but you are sure going to have a fun time trying it.

The phrase you need to type is installed in this app; it cannot be foretold as it would allow people to practice ahead of the challenge. Currently the world record is held by a woman in the UK, but there are claims from many that her record has been surpassed, although there is no official record to support this.

Guinness Typing is an app that offers three different levels of typing skills course:

Beginners’ course is where you can practice with just one finger and then one hand. Then begin to use left and right hand exercise programs. This has always proved to be a good way to get the basics of typing and become an accomplished speed typist.
The Intermediate, involves playing the course of the maxims in Maxim Time Attack. Here you will compete against other users who are playing on the course with their iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Here, you can measure exactly where you rank.
The Advanced Course involves you trying to become the new world record holder. However, should you bust the world record, don’t expect your name in the Guinness Book of World Records next year as it’s not official.

The great thing we loved about Guinness Typing for iPhone is that it is free for always and there are no premium pay later upgrades.

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