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Are you heading overseas or going on vacation? It’s only fair you try and speak the lingo as much as you can. You’ll be more respected by the locals and even trying to speak just a few phrases will get the locals respect. So, let’s introduce you to the Travel Interpreter – Multilingual Phrase Book app for iPhone. It turns your mobile device into a walking, talking multi-lingual phrasebook.

Travel Interpreter – Multilingual Phrase Book turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into an interpreter for 30 different languages, so you really can now travel anywhere in the world and buy a drink, order some food or book a train ticket using the language database on the Travel Interpreter – Multilingual Phrase Book app, anywhere in the world.


You will not need any special language skills to use this translator, as the app will simply speak the phrase or word in the language from English. Let us say you are in Paris and you are at the market and wish to buy an apple. But you don’t have the confidence to get the dialect right; simply speak into your iPhone the word “apple” (or type it in) and then select French as your chosen language you want the translation for. The app will speak the word in French “une pomme” so the market trader or shopkeeper will fully understand. There will even be an illustration (of the apple) so that the communication becomes even easier.

You can use the Travel Interpreter – Multilingual Phrase Book in the same manner for booking flight tickets, booking a room at a hotel, repairing your car at a local garage or ordering food at a restaurant. There are more than 2,200 commonly used phrases and words for each of the 30 languages. All of the phrases and words are easily categorized into respective topics.

There are topics for eating and drinking, sports and leisure activities, auto services, tourist spots and sightseeing, theatre and entertainment and car hire. If you are in the category for hotels and booking rooms and you type the word “double” or “single” the app automatically gives you an option of phrases which will include “I would like to book a single room” or “I would like to book a double room.” Travel Interpreter – Multilingual Phrase Book really is the translator in your pocket.

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Travel Interpreter - Multilingual Phrase Book - Jourist Verlags GmbH

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