oneSafe Photos a Secure Vault for Photos and Videos on your iDevice

OneSafe Photos offers your videos and images an iron-cladding file protection. It will become your secure vault for keeping your pictures secret and your videos private from the eyes of others. OneSafe Photos is the perfect way to secure your photos from prying eyes. Your pictures will become totally safe from burglars and hackers, and should you lose your iPhone or iPad, there is no way a thief can access the photos or videos on your device.

The developers of OneSafe use hardware encryption of an iron-safe 256-bit encryption. Many banking sites and encrypted sites use 128-bit encryption, but OneSafe goes twice as strong as this. 256-bit encryption is the strongest level of protection available in today’s technology.


It will only take one touch of a button, or stroke of your finger to lock your photos into a vault no person can access, apart from you. The information you consider to be private, remains that way. There are other photo securing apps available but this one is very easy to set up considering its high level of protection on offer.

All you to do in OneSafe Photos is set a four-digit PIN, a password or a visual pattern. You effectively lock the app and secure your images and videos in the vault with a simple touch of a button, or whenever you leave the app, or leave it unattended. There is even an option offering double protection. It’s kind of like putting your most private photos or videos inside a vault within a vault. This is Fort Knox level of protection and no-one will ever have access to those images or videos you simply cannot allow anyone else to see.

OneSafe Photos also helps to keep your photos organized too. You and you alone, can easily find your images. You can take a new picture and easily slot it into a folder you create. You can move existing images from your library and cut them into your OneSafe Photos vault.

OneSafe Photos already has categories set up for you before you even begin to use the library. A folder for family photos, holiday images, video files and secret vault videos is already there for you to move images and videos into, all at the stroke of your finger.

There are even a number of advanced features on the app which include an auto-lock system and a self destruct procedure.

iPhoneGlance Rating of oneSafe Photos is [rating=5]

App Details

Title: oneSafe Photos – Secure Vault for Secret Pictures and Private Videos

Price: $1.99 – £1.49

Category: Photo & Video

Developer: Lunabee Pte

oneSafe Photos - Secure Vault for Secret Pictures and Private Videos - Lunabee Pte. Ltd.