Thief Stole $64k worth of Apple products by throwing rocks through the store’s glass door

Thieves takes risk that sometimes you have to wonder what is going through their heads. This one is slightly risky but the seemed to have pulled it of. An Apple store in Boulder, Colorado fell victim to a smash and grab robbery in the early hours of Saturday morning. Three rocks were thrown by this hooded thug through the glass doors. He managed to get away with $64,000 worth of products, which includes iPhones, iPads and MacBooks.

Apple gadgets have become increasingly popular and it seems that some people would go through extreme lengths to get their hands on an Apple product. There is no doubt this guy is going to sell some of these items for way less than the original price and the sad thing is there are people out there that will probably ask no questions before purchasing. Reports state that some of the MacBooks stolen are worth more than $2000.

On top of the $64,000, Apple will have to replace those doors, they cost $100,000. Maybe it’s time Apple consider some reinforce doors that are not easily broken by a few rocks.