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ChessSetArt is one of a kind app and one I have never seen anything like it before in my time reviewing. It is an app that features 25 well filmed mini documentaries featuring the world’s most invaluable and exquisite chess sets. Included in here is the world’s most valuable chess set (as noted in the Guinness Book of Records) made by Faberge. The set is truly a Russian masterpiece and you’ll see a short documentary with video on these almost priceless pieces.

The one that really floated my boat however was the Salvador Dali masterpiece which consists of fingers (or half a finger in some pieces), these are ultimately very surreal, as you can imagine. There is also an amber set believed to have been fashioned in the very workshops of Catherine the Great! There is also a mini documentary on the Dadaist artist Man Ray as well as a set made by Murano glass.

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We bet you have never seen the chess set made from Meissen porcelain or any chess set that has survived intact from the 16th century. The value of the art and the political intrigue and history is wonderfully narrated by Susan Polgar, the world’s first female chess Grandmaster. There are also narrations from Sarah Coffin, the curator of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and Graham Beal, Director of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Dr. George and Vivian Dean are both well known collectors of chess pieces and sets that have great value and prestige. There are contributions from these two collectors on some of the wonderful pieces and sets that are known across the world.

ChessSetArt takes you on a wonderful journey through the centuries and visits these amazing pieces of chess art through the eyes of the artists. You can discover the beauty, history and the art of outstanding chess sets. You will witness truly outstanding and elegant chess sets, all of which have historical and antique value.

The great thing about ChessSetArt is that the app can be downloaded on any iOS device. Just think you can take your iPhone 5 or iPod Touch with you to work and show all your friends these stunning chess pieces or even take it down to your local chess club, where undoubtedly all the members will be thrilled to see such masterpieces in glorious colour via these mini documentaries.

iPhoneGlance Rating of ChessSetArt is [rating=5]

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