Google Glass will be compatible with iPhone

So everyone must have had the question on their mind. Will the google glass be able to work with the iPhone? The answer is, Yes. According to theverge, the computer will not only be for android (which we though it would) but also compatible with iPhone.

But we shouldn’t get our hopes up just yet, because for now only sharing an internet connection with an iPhone is available:

The device gets data through Wi-Fi on its own, or it can tether via Bluetooth to an Android device or iPhone and use its 3G or 4G data while out and about. There’s no cellular radio in Glass, but it does have a GPS chip.

Another interesting bit is that the Google Glass will cost less than $1500 and probably will be available before the end of 2013. We will have to wait and see if Google offers a SDK to developers. Read more of the article here