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Sign Me Up is primarily aimed at those creative types that want to design and send wedding invitation, birthday greetings, party invites and many other celebratory events online. It is fairly easy to use and combines the images, frames and text together to produce any number of creative designs.

Seasons greetings, whether it be Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s day or just someone’s birthday can be sent via an email alongside a photo of your choice, together with text and with a funky frame added, before being sent off via email to your friends.

Let us say you have a baby shower or your university is throwing a party; you can create a great photo, add text and create a frame for your image, then send it off to as many recipients as you wish. Once you have taken your image, compiled your text and added your frame, you can send it off via email or create an event on Facebook and use the frame and image (with your text of course) and use it to form part of a Facebook campaign.


Imagine if you have a wedding coming up, the two of you should get yourself a great photo shot together, choose a frame and add some text detailing the event title, date of event, and names. Naturally of course Sign Me Up is open for anyone to create their own ideas on what is being promoted and how they decide to promote it but Sign Me Up gives you the options to create what you want.

As well as sharing your design to Facebook, Sign Me Up also can be shared with social networks VK and Twitter. There is a suggestion that in future updates the app may include other social networking sites that you will be able to share with, but we shall have to wait and see.

If you are short on ideas on what you should create, have a look at Sign Me Up’s in-app purchasing frame packages. This will inspire you and give you some direction. The purchases include everything from Love and Wedding to New Year and Christmas, Mothering Sunday & Father’s Day to Four Seasons greetings, Thanksgiving and autumnal festivals to Romance, Art and Everyday ideas to St. Valentine’s Day to Kids and Babies. You’ll never be short on the kind of themes you may want to buy to further give you those ideas to set your creative mind rolling.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Sign Me Up is [rating=4]

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