Cupid Dating iOS App Review

Are you single? No matter what your orientation is Cupid Dating is an iPhone app making it easier to meet other singles. The interface is sleek and easy, making the setup quick to get you online and meeting other interesting people.

Cupid Dating starts you off by asking you to set up your particulars. One really goodfeature is the app assigns you a secret identity, letting you hide or ease into the circle of other singles. The app wants you to tell others a little about yourself. You go through a list asking questions along the lines of what are your political and or religious beliefs, what you do for a living, or do you habits like smoking and drinking. Cupid Dating also wants you to describe your personality traits. Are you adventuresome? Flirty? Do you think of yourself as successful? One of the weirdest questions is “Do you like water sports?” I’m not sure why water sports would be something you would need to know up front. The app doesn’t ask if you are a dog or a cat person, but it wants to know if you perhaps like boating or waterskiing. There is also a section for setting other preferences along the lines of TV viewing habits, sports you play or like to watch, entertainment, hobbies. Once you have set the app to all the things you like or dislike you a ready to meet others!


The app is coolest when it lets you know the singles fitting your preferences live in your area or city. It localizes the other singles within so many miles of your locale. You can see a picture of them (sometimes a serious creep alert!) and by tapping on their profile picture you get a brief description of their likes and dislikes. If you choose to enter into the chat rooms you are giving many chat room categories, so you don’t even have to be partner seeking. You might just want to meet other singles who are in the same boat (Okay, maybe water sports are important, lol) You can set your email preferences and the app’s pushpins can be turned on or off. You can be as social as you want to be, letting you wade into be dating waters again. (Oops, sorry another water reference!)

Cupid Dating gets you meeting people quickly and easily. Cupid has definitely more features on the pro side than on the con side. But there are a couple of issues. You have no security features; you have no idea if the people contacting you truly are who and what they say they are. In this world where meeting people is getting harder and harder to find your someone special, it’s always nice to know there are other options out there, but caution must be used. The other issue is the app is downloadable for free, but you are mainly getting the shell. The app pushes you instantly to upgrade to a week, monthly or 3 month paid account to really utilize all the features to their maximum benefit. There is also no way for you to cancel the plan once you do sign up. Even if you only want to chat with someone you will have to upgrade to an account. I guess it’s a small price to pay if you do meet the love of your life, but all I can say is let the buyer beware.

App Details

Title: Cupid Dating

Price: Free (membership fee)

Category: Lifestyle

Developer: EasyDate Ltd

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