How to Disable In-App Purchases on your iOS Device

With all the recent news of kids using their parents iPad or iPhone and racking up hundreds of dollars sometimes even thousands, like in this case. It’s worth knowing just how to stop this from happening to you, after all you might not be that lucky to have your money refunded by Apple. The process of getting a refund done is a tedious one. So take precautions and follow the easy steps to disable in-app purchases on your device.

The steps are simply, on your device navigate to Settings>General>Restrictions, tap “Enable Restrictions” if it isn’t already enabled. You will be asked to enter a restriction code, you will obviously need to remember this. Scroll down to the  “Allowed Content” section where you will see “In-App Purchases”, turn this to off and that’s it, done. You can also have an extra piece of mine by also setting the length of time the password is required to immediately. This can be found in the same section where you disable in-app purchases just below it.

This process is the same for iPhone or iPad. So go ahead make the changes and keep the little ones entertained without you worrying they might cost you the price of two iPads.