Canoodle – Save your time. Everything you like in one place!

Canoodle is an app that will save you time, keep everything all in on place and help you find new friends and fresh interests. For a limited time only there is an opportunity to join for free and communicate with other Canoodle users for free too. All the key features available to premium users will be available as well.

So, what is Canoodle exactly? Canoodle is a social networking app that will help people like you match up with new friends and find people who share a topic that you may be interested in. Canoodle will match people to you that indulge in similar activities and interests as you do. Interests are matched to suit both the lifestyles and hobbies of one another.


If you want to connect with singles close to home, you’ll find Canoodle has a powerful geographic locater to match single people in your area. But you can also meet up with people all over the world. If you are a regular traveller then you can find singles in any country you visit. Meet new friends on the move, search the Canoodle database for singles nearby and just find those you may want to simply flirt with.

It could be that you enjoy a good old chat with someone, just find someone who shares a similar interest and talk away about your favourite hobby whether it is fishing, cookery, computing, travel, your favourite sports team or just simply something like coffee.

If you would rather search the database of people who for a more meaningful relationship or a partner, no problem, you are certain to find great dates online at Canoodle. On its home page you will notice a section displaying “Top Interests” here you can interact with others on the latest news, share photos, videos or send links to your favourite news article of the day.

One minute the article of interest could be an item about asteroids, the next it could be on Lady Gaga or even your favourite film star. Canoodle connects people who are like-minded and have similar tastes. If you love Johnny Depp movies then as long as you have highlighted this in your profile, it’s possible to get connected with fellow Depp lovers across the globe.

Canoodle has proven particularly popular with those having rare hobbies, as the website and app have together matched those pastimes and interests that are not mainstream.

The concept is good, the graphics are cool but like with every dating service you should really take things with caution and read the legal services and so forth. Make sure you do your own enquiries of the people you’re getting in contact with and be safe.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Canoodle is [rating=3]

App Details

Title: Canoodle

Price: Free (membership fee)

Category: Lifestyle

Developer: Cupid PLC

Canoodle - Save your time. Everything you like in one place! - Cupid plc