Move Multiple Icons at a time with Cydia app MultiIconMover

If you have a lot of icons on your springboard and you have to rearrange them you know it’s a tedious task. Say for instance you have 10 screens fill with apps on your iPhone and you have to move five icons from the last screen to the first screen. You will have to select these one by one going from screen 10 to screen 1. That does take up sometime, a full minute for me to be exact. Save yourself some time and use MultiIconMover. This Cydia app have been around for quite awhile, but I though I would highlight it again because one of the reasons people jailbreak their device is to make things easier. MultiIconMover definitely makes things easier.


Move multiple icons at a time. MultiIconMover is simple and easy to use and I have to wonder why Apple haven’t got a feature like this built in the iOS software. After downloading MultiIconMover it is easy to use. Simply tap any icon until they start to jitter, then tap on the icons you wish to move. A checkmark will be placed on the icons to show that they are selected. Switch to the page you want to place the icons and press the home button, the icons you selected with be moved to that page. Press the home button again to exit editing mode. The page that you wish to move the icons, must have enough space available to move the selected icons. The app also doesn’t allow you to move a folder of icons, which would have been good.

MultiIconMover is definitely one of those tweaks that once you download it you will say to yourself “why did I not have this before”. The tweak is free to download and available on Cydia through the BigBoss repo.