Barnes & Nobles’ Nook Tablet will it stand up against the iPad?

Starting with the explosive popularity of e-readers and culminating in the release and proliferation of the iPad, the tablets are starting to take over. There are so many that it seems like every tech company is releasing a tablet and then some. How is one to decide what tablet is right for them with some many options? Some of them specialize in different things so it takes a bit of knowledge about exactly what you want to get out of a tablet. In this overview, we’ll explore one of the newer tablets on the market made by one of the manufacturer of one of the most popular lines of e-readers and tablets: Barnes & Nobles’ Nook line and this new tablet in the Nook HD. As with anything, there are pros and cons to this particular tablet and this will help you make an informed decision.


Of course, this is manufactured by Barnes and Noble, one of the country’s largest and most well-known book stores so it of course has to specialize in reading. And it does, startlingly well. With the ability to instantly purchase and download direct from the Barnes & Noble website means you will never be out of books to read. However, the tablet does not just specialize in books. The incredible graphics mean that this is amazing for reading and storing one of the many magazines available. Even better, children’s books look amazing on the screen and can be stored so that you are never without your little one’s favorite books.


Barnes & Noble means to make sure everyone knows why HD is in the product name here. Aiming to make the best screen on the market, they just may have succeeded. Everything looks amazing and the ability to stream videos and movies is absolutely unparalleled. Movies look absolutely stunning for such a small screen.


This tablet uses an Android operating system which means it has the ability to run several apps, including the most popular ones, such as Angry Birds; along with business applications like ecommerce software. While the app store for the Nook is not as functional or as expansive as other options, there are still plenty to choose from. Perhaps other tablets do apps a little bit better but there are apps for just about every function.


One the areas that this tablet truly specializes in is family entertainment. All of the above, especially the incredible ability to store and read multiple children’s books, make the tablet one perfect for the family. What is unmatched, however, is the ability to create profiles. As parents, we sometimes read books or watch movies that we don’t want our children watching but we still want to share the tablet and not have to constantly supervise the use. The ability to create profiles means that you can put all the books and apps that you want your kids to use on their profile and keep the items you don’t want them to see on your own profile. This means that you can let your children use the tablet without supervising every moment, a true innovation in the tablet industry.