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This great game helps children to sort and deliver the mail, all done in cartoon style. Deliver the mail against the clock and make sure everybody receives their post as and when they should. If you are fast enough you can deliver the mail in record time and beat the rest of the field. As the game progresses you will find it becomes more challenging. Eventually you will find you are delivering to a whole town complete with shops and stores in addition to private residences.

There are many different varieties of post you will have to deliver ranging from special delivery envelopes and letters that need to be hand signed requiring a signature. It is not only letters that you deliver but specials, signed for items and small parcels too. In fact there are plenty of challenges and many diversions along the way. Playing Sort the Mail will certainly put your strategic skills to the test and you can find out what your ability ratings are in delivering the mail.


Sort the Mail is an app ideal for children from the age of 10 upwards and amazingly the app’s designer is 15-year old. There is an easy to follow section inside which tells people how to play the game and gives key tips on how to sort the mail. There is also GameCenter so you see how users have been performing and how quick their times have been in sorting the mail. To play the game you are given a letter to deliver and must move that letter to the right door address. There is also a series of shops to deliver to, in the shape of a barber, a sweet shop, café, pharmacy, and pawn shop.

It sounds easy enough but you need to remember you are always battling against the clock. The graphics in Sort the Mail are in cartoon style and the addresses are clear and simple to read. Once you have gained enough of a good score, or a good time, you can share your score on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Sort the Mail is one of those educational gaming apps that help to develop a child’s ability to do a job correctly and speedily. In a way it could be good for cognitive skills and can be played on the iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch. The app is priced at only $0.99. The app could use some improvements but it was done by a 15 year old and we give him lots of credit.

iPhoneGlance Rating of Sort the Mail is [rating=4]

App Details

Title: Sort The Mail

Price: $0.99 – £0.69

Category: Games

Developer: Daniel Rice

Sort the Mail - Daniel Rice Development