Meggaphone Amplifies sounds from your iPhone, No wires, no Battery – Video Review

Meggaphone Football is an accessory that you can use to amplify sounds from your iPhone. It’s so small you can carry it around with you, where ever you might go. Use it at your office, in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, just about anywhere you can play your music.  The mini boom box requires no power or batteries and have no affect on your iPhone battery. The design is simple, elegant and does a magnificent job.

The accessory pairs perfectly with the iPhone 4 and 4S and you can make sure you never oversleep when your alarm goes off as Meggaphone can amplify sounds up to four times louder than your iPhone can muster by itself.


The Meggaphone is perfect for phone calls, playing your music from your iTunes library and using it to bump your alarm sound up. The Meggaphone actually looks rather cool and there are a number of different designs being sold now to supplement the original Meggaphone. Along with the Meggaphone footbal there is also the Meggaphone Shade which clips onto the back of the iPhone. The Meggaphone Shade can also prove useful for those wanting to watch video in landscape view as opposed to portrait.

There is a no risk guarantee with every Meggaphone sold; basically if you don’t like the product or you feel you just can’t get along with it, it can be returned for a full refund, providing you do so within 30 days from the day of purchase.

The accessory is ideal for anyone who has either an iPhone 4 or 4S. At the moment the football shaped isn’t available for iPhone 5, but is expected to be released on the market by summer 2013

The Meggaphone Football comes in a variety of different colours from yellow, orange and blue. In fact there are a whole range of colours to choose from. The way the accessory amplifies sounds is all down to the unique design, it’s all down to the shape and acoustic tunnelling . The meggaphone is made out of a strong silicone and it is very durable. The meggaphone football is prefect for listening to music, phone calls, facetime and great for a night stand.